This one will run and run…


Those who are humble will inherit the earth, said the pastor, Not while I’m in charge, said the 45th President of the United States

And so began the reign of Donald J. Trump.As he started to speak, it started to rain; both ain’t going to stop any time soon.

The day had begun with the Donald heading off to church for a rare visit.

It ended with him saying god had popped in to promise his support.

In the meantime he rubbished three ex-presidents who’d turned up at the ceremony, wrote off  all eight years of Obama and every other American politician since Abraham Lincoln.

As for the rest of the world, it will be America first, last and every other position in between.

But he did at least solve one mystery over his finger-poking, chin-jutting role model.

Step forward Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, better known as Il Duce the occasional Italian dictator.

His angry chin led his country into the Second World War and kept them in it until 1945 when his electors finally strung him up by his ankles.

Before they finally fell out he had spent many a happy day on various podia promising them the earth.

His  latest impersonator, seemed to have borrowed the Ben book of leadership and re-covered it in the Stars and Stripes.

It went down a storm with the crowd sheltering under ‘ make America great again’ headgear and the occasional National Rifle Association variety.

But it should be pointed out to those seeking to confirm the connection that Benito was as bald as a coot’.

Donald had at least brought his own hair – and apparently someone else’s – along to the ceremony to disprove the theory.

But like Benito – or some other dictator – he could not help himself promising another new millennium.

Ben had spent many a happy hour promising Italians new millenia until they decided to hang him instead.

But that’s probably for another day as the President promised bricklayers on the Mexican border before breakfast, only to buy American and hire American – and apple pie and cream for everyone in the greatest country on earth.

And talking of cream let’s not forget our own Nigel Farage, in Washington to celebrate the success of his new BF.

Cat’s got the cream cannot describe someone who looked as if he’s swallowed the herd and the milking parlour as well.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Washington riot police were out in force to prevent over-enthusiastic fans getting to close to their new leader.

This one will run and run and so will they.

Photo Credit: “Donald Trump- Caricature” flickr photo by DonkeyHotey shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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