L’audace l’audace toujours l’audace.

It must have been a good speech because Jeremy was clapping his hands off.

Then again it had been his speech, so he should know.

There is always something slightly disconcerting about someone who applauds himself – unless you are one of the Kim il’s from North Korea.

But applause has been in short supply recently for the leader of the Labour Party.

Never more so than over his attitude to Europe in the upcoming referendum.

After spending 30 years opposing the EU, his conversion to leader of a party which supports it has been on the lack side of lustre.

The ‘Remain’ campaign have been panicking over the confusion in Labour ranks over which side to support.

Downing Street Dave wanted Jeremy to stand with him in a united defence of EU membership.

The Labour leader made it clear Islington would have to freeze over first.

But just as all seemed lost, this morning he finally cracked the conundrum.

He was supporting Europe, he said, just not the one Dave was.

In his Europe, workers rights would be defended, bees would be safe and beaches would be clean.

Worries about immigration were acceptable but solutions lay with the Government.

Vote ‘yes’ in three weeks to stay in Europe and vote Labour in four years to have the right Europe.

In the meantime oppose the other Europe, backed by Dave and his buddies.

The audience seemed amazed at Jeremy’s audacity; Jeremy seemed amazed at Jeremy’s audacity.

They applauded him; He applauded him.

Everyone applauded everyone.


“Fight Tories + UKIP, not Corbyn,March for Europe, London 2016” flickr photo by duncan https://flickr.com/photos/duncan/28003897446 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

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