Four more years.

There are days when the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland deserves a good slap – step forward today.

For some any day would do to dole out a thrashing to Dave of Downing Street.

But Wednesdays are special, set apart for Prime Ministers Questions and the ritual humiliation of the incumbent.

Those days however may have gone.

Suffice it to say that around ten past twelve today, the Chancellor of the Exchequer yawned.

It wasn’t deliberate or ostentatious, indeed many will have missed it, but there it was.

Lack of sleep or lack of embalming fluid may be blamed but boredom was the real culprit.

On his feet at the time, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party.

It would be good to report that Chancellor George was just being normally rude, but it was worse, he was being indifferent.

And it was an indifference which seemed  to have washed over the Labour benches.

Jeremy wanted to talk about the Government’s sneaky decision to scrap maintenance grants for poorer students.

Dave wanted to talk about about anything but and, thanks to Jeremy, he had a lot to choose from.

The best unemployment figures for ten years had anyway taken the edge off the Labour leader’s day.

But weekend comments from missile free nuclear subs to a new Falklands deal with Argentina had Dave desperate to have a go.

As Labour MPs looked away in embarrassment, the Prime Minister oozed superciliousness over his opponent.

“He wants to take us back to the 70’s”, said Dave, making out the line of attack from now until May 2020.

Even as Jeremy cheered at the thought, Dave dropped in a mention of flying pickets and stood back for the applause.

Any mention of the glory days which ushered in M. Thatcher is guaranteed to get Tory loyalists into a lather and so it did.

Speaker Bercow had to call for calm, a call not needed on the people’s party side of the chamber.

Jeremy struggled on with his education brief but the PM was too busy ignoring him to listen.

As private conversations broke out up and down the Government front bench George seemed to have moved beyond indifference.

Was it the thought of four more years of the same which had added to his gloom?

If it was, the pall had spread across the aisle.

“Despair” flickr photo by dbeck03 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

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