Budget Day Millionaires

It was the Tom sized hole next to Jeremy Corbyn which finally confirmed that he and his deputy have had another big falling out.

This was a useful row since it cleared space for at least half a dozen women members of the Shadow Cabinet on this, International Women’s Day.

Prime Minister’s Questions on Budget Day is always a rather tasteless hor d’oeuvres for the main course that follows.

It is one of the vagaries of parliamentary procedure that the reply to the Chancellor’s speech is made by the Leader of the Opposition rather than the Shadow Chancellor.

Already writ large on the faces of Labour backbenchers was the knowledge that their leader would not just be trying it on at PMQs but was also up for even more Corbyn capers come the Budget.

But that pleasure was an hour away as Jeremy once again tried to get his hands around the bejewelled throat of the slippery fish otherwise known as the Prime Minister.

Earlier in the day the previous Chancellor had revealed he had added a part time job to his MP’s portfolio.

The boy George is to be a one day a week advisor to a mega-American corporation paying £650,000 a year — yes that’s £650,000 a year.

The news of the available money out there must have been one of the reasons that Tory backbenchers were so cheery — or was it just Jeremy’s appearance?

With the Budget on its way, the Labour leader had ditched his normally redder than red tie for one in imperial purple.

Sadly, he had not ditched his scatter gun approach to Theresa May who now hardly bothers to try when it comes to the leader of her Majesty’s opposition.

With her backbenchers howling like bovver boys on speed, she enjoyed every insult she hurled across the aisle.

During the last government, Labour was keen to point out that 23 members of the cabinet were millionaires — Mrs May amongst them.

The count-up today has not been done but looking down the government front bench it was clear that few of them was claiming tax credit.

Indeed, the Chancellor, sitting closer to Mrs M than Mr M might like is a fully paid up member — if that is the right description — of the Millionaires Club.

With his turn only minutes away, nerves had turned his face into a grinning copy of one of those things you find above the church door at Westminster Abbey.

Jeremy sadly ignored these fascinating facts (and ignore them later during his Budget contribution) and instead concentrated on subjects that the Prime Minister was happy to treat with contempt.

The Labour leader said that the Prime Minister had called for a fairer society. ‘Not just yet’ seemed to be the message from the other side.

Jeremy sat down ready to stand up again.

“Gladstone Budget box” flickr photo by HM Treasury https://flickr.com/photos/hmtreasury/4720955639 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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