Another Labour success!

This space had been reserved to record the evisceration of Theresa May by Jeremy Corbyn over Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims. It’s still available.

It was to have been the Labour leader’s finest hour but it wasn’t even his ok five minutes.

It was to have been the Labour leader’s finest hour but it wasn’t even his ok five minutes. Click To Tweet

Donald had done his best, spraying the United States with enough intolerance to warm the heart of anyone who has ever read the Guardian.

Theresa May had chipped in with an invite to Buckingham Palace and a deaf ear to dirty dealings.

It should have been a slam dunk for a man with 30 years behind the barricades.

But it was Theresa who emerged unscathed from Prime Ministers Questions which she is now making her own.

Labour MP’s had turned up anticipating a rare victory for the man most privately hope would go and lead somebody else.

And even the Prime Minister and her bully boys seemed uneasy as the Speaker blew the whistle for the kick-off.

But, within minutes of Jeremy standing up, normal service was resumed.

Labour MPs got back to their search for a new jobs and bully boys back to bellowing ‘more’.

They almost roared off the roof as Mrs M put the final boot in:
“He is leading a protest; I am leading the country.”

As Tory MPs prepared a victory march down Whitehall, Speaker Bercow intervened to restore calm – he threw them Tigger.

It’s been reported here before that just when MPs seem ready to call a day on democracy, introducing Tim Farron into the proceedings restores calm.

For those not in the know, Tim is the rather enthusiastic leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Unbowed by their slump from 75 MPs to just 9, he manages to infuriate all apparently just by breathing.

The Tories might hate Labour and both the SNP, but all happily unite in despising Tim.

The Speaker also usually ignores him, but  today, sensing revolution in the air – or a late lunch –  he relented.

No sooner had his name been called than normal hostilities ceased.

Boris sat back, smiles broke out amongst the massed ranks of the SNP and even Labour MPs cheered up momentarily.

Speaker Bercow, with a granstand seat, basked in rare popularity and the paramedics were put on standby.

It is usually irrelevant what Tim has to say and today was no exception – although he did say it with a face red enough to cook a ten-egg omelette.

Whatever it was it took at least two minutes.

Then it was back to Brexit – another Labour success.


“Head in Hands” flickr photo by Alex E. Proimos shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license


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