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Nov 28, 2012 / / Media

When your back is against the wall and you are stuck between a rock and a hard place then you might as well dig deeper into the bag of cliches for another one that fits – step forward cross-party consensus.…

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Nov 26, 2012 / / Media

When I first arrived in Fleet Street a new friend said “Welcome to the street of broken dreams,” and I had no idea what he was talking about – but I did when I left. This week, Lord Leveson produces…

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Oct 23, 2012 / / Media
Oct 22, 2012 / / Media
Jun 12, 2012 / / Media

When a politician inadvertently stumbles across the high moral ground you can be sure of two things, he’ll be on his own and he’ll set up camp immediately. It is now set in Labour folklore that it’s leader Ed Miliband…

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May 28, 2012 / / Media

It wasn’t the Hague, it wasn’t even the Old Bailey – but it was a court and it had a dock and in it a man with his hand on a bible prepared to admit he was Anthony Charles Lynton…

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Apr 26, 2012 / / Media

In the end the Sun King just rambled on as might befit someone in his eighty-first year, and thus Rupert Murdoch was finally laid to rest on the Strand – fittingly at the end of Fleet Street where it all…

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Apr 3, 2012 / / Media

You knew it was serious even with the sound down because Kay Burley had her Huw Edwards face on as she confirmed on Sky News her boss was now attempting to write himself out of the script of The Godfather 6. His…

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Feb 10, 2012 / / Media

Embed from Getty Images It was clear as soon as Paul Dacre came into Court 73 that someone had lit the blue touch paper attached to the editor of the Daily Mail and quickly retired out of harm’s way. To see the…

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Jul 19, 2011 / / Media

As theatre of anticipation it was wonderful. College Green had more tents that a boy scouts jamboree as the world’s press gathered for the ritual disemboweling of the Great Dictator .But when Rupert turned up it looked we might be…

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