Traditional Tory disloyalty kicked in.

There’s a touch of Baldrick’s dad about Jeremy Corbyn and more than a touch of General Melchett about David Cameron.

Jeremy Hunt as Captain Darling is sublime casting – but we digress.

Matters military often come to mind when surveying the weekly conflict that is Prime Ministers Questions.

Never more so than now since it’s hard to keep up with whichever war is going on at the moment.

It can be reported that a truce was called in the war over Europe – in which the the Tories fight the Tories – at 12 noon today and it lasted about 12 minutes.

Obviously it had to be replaced by a war on something else – in which the Tories fight Labour.

It should be explained that the Tories – or at least some of them – cannot fight Labour over Europe because they are both – or at least some of them – on the same side.

That course means that Labour – or at least some of them – cannot fight the Tories – at least on Europe.

But as PMQs exists for everybody to fight everybody, another war had to be brought forward.

Thus it was that the Labour leader introduced education onto the battlefield.

Which was all very well until he pointed out this was another war in which Labour and Tories – or at least some of them – were on the same side.

On the other side, the continued references to being on the same side were causing confusion.

Those schooled in shouting every time Jeremy sat down and Dave stood up were silenced.

The Prime Minister himself seemed shocked at this new indication of possible betrayal behind him.

Jeremy, no stranger to betrayal behind himself, asked more questions containing facts.

The Prime Minister, stunned by this display of bad manners, ignored them.

Over on the Labour benches, Jeremy beamed, Labour MPs wondered who he was and deputy Tom almost swallowed himself with satisfaction

Dave was flailing by now but traditional Tory disloyalty at last kicked in.

Someone asked about Europe.

“Memorial” flickr photo by Singing With Light shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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