And Ed begat Jeremy.

The Labour Party popped out for half an hour at lunchtime to have a go at the Government.

Actually it was not quite 30 minutes, more like ten, but after the week they have just had…

Suspending self-mutilation for Prime Ministers Questions seemed like a good plan.

With Dave’s back against the wall over junior doctors and Europe, he was up for filleting.

So Jeremy asked him about housing.

It is said that the new Labour leader has been getting useful advice from his predecessor Miliband E.

Those who recall those heady days might remember PMQs was where Ed finessed  his “one step forward – two steps back” campaign.

And it was also where his backbenchers sought, searched and failed to find inspiration.

Fast forward to the 2015 intake and many already seem to be on the same journey.

Not, sadly, that they can blame Dave, but ever one to sniff out an opportunity here he was ready to go.

Indeed, shoes and face polished, he’d turned up early for the fray.

On normal days Chancellor George – bovver-boy-in-chief – is snug by him, but today he did not even bother to turn up.

In times past, the ”berserkers”, as Dave’s backbench boot boys are known, would howl the house down at the sniff of a Labour leader.

Now the word has gone out to ignore him, an instruction which seems to have spread to his own side.

Even before Jeremy got his feet the PM got in first rubbing Labour’s latest internal sore, renewal of Trident.

As it’s front bench stared bleakly ahead, he re-stated the policy many of them – apart from their leader – support.

By the time Jeremy got onto housing, Dave had started to enjoy himself.

Relief all round on his own front bench where Theresa May, catapulted into the Chancellor’s seat, could only nod furiously to everything he said.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was practising his own version of the double nod in honour of escaping the skewer once again.

The other Jeremy continued with his attack and Dave accused him of being a conservative with a small “c”.

This was too much for conservatives with a big “C” and hooting broke out.

Then everybody went to lunch and Labour got back to business.

“Parliament” flickr photo by Nathan Reading shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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